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Marvanová Marie

marvanova-marieMy short CV:

* My name is Marie Marvanová

* I was born in Prague and I´m Czech.

* My original profession is a banker. I spent all my active life in banks (SBČS, ČSOB and IPB in various positions including the post of vice-chairman). In spite of my age I am still involved into many different activities: in the capacity of consultant and adviser in banking, I work for banks and private companies. As I like teaching (probably an inherited disease) I work for universities and other schools and educational agencies giving lectures not only in banking but also in management and financial management, micro- and macroeconomies.I write textbooks and articles in professional reviews. Being all my life involved also ingender issues, I take part in NGOs´ various projects (EQUAL etc.). I speak English,German, French and Russian and a bit Bulgarian and Serbo-Croatian.

What can I offer?

* My skills in consulting and advisory services: how to secure contracts against the risk of non-payment, how to successfully negotiate payment conditions of the contract, how to choose the best one amoung payment instruments (B/E, L/C, L/G, D/P, D/A etc.)

* My experience in the field of managing, coaching, mentoring and leading people: how to apply a matrix management, how to work within it and not to go  mad, how to explain financial issues to non-financial managers,

* My practical knowledge: how to start small business  in the Czech Republic as „OSVČ“ (duties, needs, risk areas etc.)

And what I am looking for?

* To meet regularly with interesting women, to have a chat with them while walking, visiting nice places, playing golf, eating good food or drinking good vine, and - at this opportunity and why not - doing some business, too.